Energy Cluster

The Energy Cluster, UPES is regarded as the best cluster among all other clusters and schools in UPES and other Institutions in Uttarakhand, to instill the principles of engineering and then raise the bar to complex notions of technical application in the Energy Sector. Our curriculum includes seminars, special lectures, projects, internships, and research-based learning. The Energy cluster now offers three undergraduate and four postgraduate degrees. B. Tech in Applied Petroleum Engineering was established in 2003 as a specialized field of engineering dedicated to meeting the industry's requirements. M. Tech in Petroleum Engineering was established as a master's program in 2007. B. Tech in Chemical Engineering and an M. Tech in Chemical Engineering started in the year 2009. All our undergraduate programs are NBA accredited. M. Tech Renewable Energy has just been launched in 2023. The research focus of this cluster is majorly on sustainable development, clean energy, disaster management, unconventional hydrocarbon resources, and hydrocarbon transportation. The Cluster ensures the holistic development of students by faculty members who are qualified and capable of giving state-of-the-art education and learning to students. We ensure that the students are future-ready to meet the demands of the ever-changing industry needs. The curriculum is framed to include courses like Data Analytics, Digitization, Automation of process, AI/ML, etc., which will equip the students with additional skills which are going to be vital in the next 5 – 10 years. We are building citizens of tomorrow by imbibing life skills through our school for life courses like critical thinking, living conversations, learning how to learn, etc. Energy Cluster, UPES is where we build our Leaders for Tomorrow.

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