Technical Programme

Energy Summit 2023

Energy Summit-2023 is a gathering of outstanding minds, ground-breaking theories, and cutting-edge research. This esteemed conference provides a forum for scientists, researchers, and professionals from a variety of fields to engage in insightful debates, share knowledge, and advance human understanding. The summit brings together stalwarts of the energy sector and new-edge talents emphasizing collaboration and scientific developments to study cutting-edge themes. Join us as we set out on this intellectual adventure, where exploration is sparked by curiosity and the limits of knowledge are pushed by cooperation. The summit includes:

  • International Conference on Clean Energy Materials & Technology
  • Workshops
  • Exhibition

International Conference on Clean Energy

Materials & Technologies (ICCEMT 2023)

International Conference on Clean Energy Materials & Technology aims at providing a leading forum for sharing original research contributions and practical developments in the field of energy and material sciences. The key theme areas include renewable and sustainable energy, energy and fuels, energy economics, intelligent energy systems, and many more.


Along with paper and poster presentations, specialized workshops will be a key highlight in ICCEMT. The workshop covers the two most challenging areas i.e., analyzing and visualizing spatial data and its use & Black Oil Reservoir Simulation Model using CMG-Builder & IMEX Simulator. The details are as follows:


Sessions on Geospatial Technology & Applications by Geoinformatics Department, IIRS Dehradun

Geospatial technology is very powerful for managing, analysing, and visualizing spatial data and its use has seen rapid advancements over the years worldwide. Both public and private sectors are harnessing the benefits of this technology to address spatial issues and applications. The present workshop provides a technical

overview of GIS functionalities. This technical workshop includes:

The following topics will be highlighted during the workshop.

1. Talk on "Overview of Geospatial Technology and Applications" by Dr. Vandita Srivastava, Head, Geoinformatics Department, IIRS (ISRO) Dehradun

2. Demonstration on functionalities of GIS by Shri. K. Shiva Reddy, Scientist SE , Geoinformatics Department, IIRS

Black Oil Reservoir Simulation Model using CMG-Builder & IMEX Simulator by Dr. Pushpa Sharma

Reservoir simulation is a theoretical or a physical representation of an operation and an imitation of its system/processes in real-life. Reservoir Simulation is grounded on recognized engineering equations, engineers started calculating reservoir engineering with basic mathematical model long before the emergence of modern technology. Reservoir Simulation is a field developed in petroleum engineering where it utilizes porous media in computer modelling to estimate the fluids dynamics, its goal is to predict the field performance under varies producing strategies. Proficiency, efficiency and effectiveness are the reasons why Petroleum engineers become competent to the model and its development.


A science exhibition is a wonderful tool that engages students in learning new facts. It develops in them the curiosity to learn more which otherwise is not developed by listening to boring lectures. It provides a platform for the students to use their scientific knowledge and bring the best invention from their brains. It also allows students to work together in groups and learn from each other.

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CSIR - Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP)

Dehradun, India

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